Audio Post

When making movies and games, sound is important as video quality. A bad sound can ruin an impressive piece of work. Understanding the importance of high-quality sound in movies, games, and songs is an important part of successful results.


No horror movie are scary without great sound. We believe sound in movies are more than important. Sound are serious things for us and maybe for you. Let's create the sounds you anticipate for your project.

Detail Services :

• Script SFX Breakdown

• Sound Content Classification

• Sound Recording

• Sound Manipulation

• Sound Editing

• Implementation

Audio cleaning and restoration services for conversations

Affordable Audio Rescue and Recovery Services | Reducing Background Noise and Artifacts in Dialogue

A rusty audio noise reduction service that provides a clean, polished end product in our studio. This service addresses the most common audio problems such as hiss, clicks, pops, background noise, and room echoes.

Cipta Suara restores unusable audio using audio restoration and noise reduction technology that is proven to enhance and save audio.


To produce recreation audio, one desires to have a sturdy information of the sport`s storyboard and what's going on in the sport. Their obligation is to give you sound outcomes for the player, NPC, surroundings in order that all of it feels immersive and interactive.

At Cipta Suara, we create the sounds you anticipate for epic online game titles and consumer play. All of our paintings is custom and unique for your project.

Detail Services :

Sound Assets

Our sound designers have enjoy in epic cinematic manufacturing for film, games, and interactive media. We will custom make all of your online game belongings organized to be carried out into the sport engine.


That stellar online game desires that killer voice! We offer VO offerings of casting, directing, recording, and enhancing adhering to top notch standards


It offers an affordable configuration for video games. You can customize your gameplay in any genre and style.

Sound Implementation

A full range of services for the implementation of audio assets in video games, audio mixing, resource optimization, quality control and support throughout the process.


Sound creates a unique atmosphere, evokes emotions, evokes memories and sets important tones in the story. Our creative team of sound engineers have many years of experience in film, game, sound for art and radio sound design. We also have an extensive library of sound effects and music compositions that offer tremendous possibilities for sound design and music editing.

Detail Services :

Sound Design

  • Sound design and sound effects composition using quality sound libraries.

Recorded Foley

  • Custom Foley recorded tailored to your film.

Noise Reduction

  • Removing clicks, mic hits, pops, rustle, hiss, and background noises.