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Voice-over Production

Voiceovers require the right voice, style, and recording skills to capture the story to be told. Our production team will find the right voice actor to tell your story, at an affordable price and within your budget. Our studios are specially designed for voiceovers, so you can enjoy the best service in the comfort of your home.

Detail Services :

• Radio Imaging and SFX

• ADR (Automatic Dialog Replacement)

• VO Clean-up and Sweetening

• Voice Talents

• VO Auditions

• Recording, Editing, and Mastering

Create Audiobooks and Podcasts

Bring your audiobook or podcast to life with our dedicated audio editing service. Our experienced staff instantly fully edits pre-recorded audiobooks or podcasts. Once your voice is edited, you have a polished product ready for distribution to retailers like Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify.

Detail Services :

Voice talents suggestions

Record on location (if needed)

• Clean-up and Sweetening

• Recording, Editing, and Mastering